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7) A NORTH GERMAN CLOSE HELMET, CIRCA 1560 BRUNSWICK FORMERLY IN THE HANOVERIAN ROYAL ARMORY COLLECTIONS: With rounded one-piece skull rising to a roped medial comb and fitted at the nape with a plume-holder (the skull with an early patched repair and one small hole), visor, upper bevor and bevor attached by common pivots (replaced), each secured at the right side by a spring-catch with leather restored lifting-peg, the visor with stepped centrally-divided vision-slit and pierced with six rectangular and four circular ventilation holes and a pair of holes for the attachment of a brow reinforce, the prow-shaped upper bevor pierced with circular arrangements of ventilation holes, two gorget-plates front and rear 40.6cm; 16in high. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*