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13) A HOMOGENOUS SOUTH GERMAN FLUTED HELMET FOR FIELD USE IN THE SO-CALLED MAXIMILIAN FASHION CIRCA 1510-20 from the Order of the Knights of Saint John during the Seige of Rhodes and invariably taken as war booty to St. Irenes in Istanbul. Comprising close helmet formed of a broad rounded one-piece skull with bellows visor and bevor attached by a pair of low-domed common pivots the visor prominently stepped beneath its centrally-divided vision-slit pierced in three rows with ten horizontal ventilation-slots and fitted at its right side with a lifting-peg the bevor flanged outwards at its lower edge to form a short neck-guard (slightly trimmed at its center the flange and left side of the bevor each showing riveted and brazed repairs) and secured to the right side of the skull by a spring-catch (push-button replaced) and one lame of a rear neck-guard collar of four lames front and rear (the top front lame with a later hole at the center the lowest front lame with a large patch at the left side the lowest rear lame with minor chips and cracks at its main edges). Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*