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72) AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE PAIR OF SOUTH GERMAN ETCHED AND GILT GAUNTLETS CIRCA 1560. Landshut from Warwick Castle attributed to Wolfgang Grosschedel. Each formed of a flared and obtusely-pointed cuff with fixed inner plate its upper edge turned inwards and bearing slight traces of file-roping the lower end of its outer plate decorated over the ulna with an almond-shaped boss six upward-overlapping metacarpal-plates shaped knuckle-plate and finger-plate finely etched and gilt in recessed borders and medial bands and on the knuckle- and finger-plates with bands of arabesque interlace and at the upper edges of each metacarpal-plate with narrower bands of rectangular guilloche PROVENANCE Warwick Castle inv. no. A044. Arabesque ornament of the kind recorded here occurs on several south German garnitures of the third quarter of the 16th century mainly connected with the former Imperial armoury in Vienna. Elements of these garnitures are now widely dispersed as a result of the plundering of the armoury by Napoleonic troops in 1805. They can be seen in the Hofjagd-und R stkammer Vienna Inv. Nos A925 A1118 A2259 & B126 the Musée de l Armée Paris Cat. Nos G.62 and 63 the Wallace Collection London Cat. No. A38 the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Inv. Nos II. 172 & VI. 62 the Museum Narodowe Cracow the Museo Stibbert Florence Cat. No. 147. In some cases the decoration has a blackened ground while in others as here it has a gilt one. The decoration of the gauntlets catalogued here most closely resembles that of the Landshut piece. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*