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Other services I offer include:

Authentications: Are you sure your prized item is a period piece or… a well-made fake… a composite piece made from different period parts… or Victorian reproductions made by a skilled artist before the industrial revolution that has aged over 100 years?

Can you really tell the difference? I'll bet you can't.

Even though no one is perfect, especially working from pictures, I do not mind giving you a quick confidential opinion. The authentication is my opinion only. I do not get involved with tranactions between you and any seller who may have been misinformed when he sold you the item. My specialty is Medieval Arms and Armor. Sorry I do not evaluate cowboy, Civil War or Asian items.

I only ask that you make a donation to Wounded Warriors after you receive my opinion (please click on link).

Valuations/ Insurance Valuations: What is your item really worth. The fact that an item may have sold at one or two auctions for a certain price does not mean that's what it's worth. Get a real value and maximize your profit when you sell it or insure it.

Restoration and Conservations: I have available to me some of the most skilled museum restorers and conservators in the world. Let's make your item look as good as it can without spoiling the originality. Many times you can increase the value of an item by several times the cost of the restoration or conservation.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Good luck in your search.
Only the best,
Andrew Garcia